CBD Balm

Pamper your skin with this gentle and natural care product. It contains pure CBD alongside a lot of other wonderful ingredients which are all organic as well. Eva’s balm contains anti-flammatory, anti-bacterial and is antipruritic substances. And besides all that, it’s just wonderful for your skin.

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CBD Balm 100ml 1% (1000mg)

CBD Balm 100ml 1% (1000mg) CHF 38.90

CBD Balm 30ml 1% (300mg)

CBD Balm 30ml 1% (300mg) CHF 27.90

CBD Balm 30ml 3% (900mg)

CBD Balm 30ml 3% (900mg) CHF 65.90

CBD LIP BALM 3% / 4.5g

CBD LIP BALM 3% / 4.5g CHF 10.90